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Live Out Loud for the Arts 2017 Summer Program

Live Out Loud for the Arts

This summer, Nido, Toddler, Primary and Elementary students at Discovery Montessori will spend their days exploring the arts. At each level, a Montessori work-cycle will continue that will have an emphasis in Math and Language materials.

The summer program at Discovery Montessori will run from Monday, June 5 to Friday, July 28, 2017.  Sessions will be in two-week increments. Additionally, we are scheduling in-house field trips for each session this year. We are pleased to be partnering with local artisans to bring a variety of cultural experiences to Discovery.  Once they have been scheduled, we will share a detailed description of those additional cultural experiences. There is a $20/session cost for field trips, which is indicated on the summer enrollment application and included in the total cost for each session.

More Information about the Elementary Summer Program:
The Elementary Summer Program is specifically geared toward the interests of our Elementary children. Each two-week session will include more in-depth studies related to the arts—-art design, music, theatre and dance. The Elementary Summer Program is open to students who would be in the Elementary program (1st-6th grades) for the 2017-2018 school year. In addition, our students are encouraged to “invite a friend to camp” this summer. This means that the Elementary Summer Program is open to family and friends of Discovery students as well!   In addition to in-house field trip experiences, students in the Elementary Summer Program will occasionally participate in “Going outs” away from school as extensions to the art program, through partnerships with the library and The Seven Arts Center.

Spaces are limited in our Live Out Loud for the Arts summer program. There will be one Nido, Toddler, Primary and Elementary community during the summer. Click here to download your application.

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STEM Montessori Style Summer 2016

STEM Montessori Style
Discovery Montessori Academy
Summer 2016

Session 1: May 31-June 10, 2016
Science: Seeds and Cycles
In this session the children will start the summer learning the skills of scientific observation and research and the scientific method. The first week of the session will be devoted to botany. We will have time to plant in garden beds and in indoor containers. We will explore photosynthesis and examine plants from the roots up. During this session we will explore the life cycles of a few living creatures—-butterflies, ladybugs, and humans. We will also discuss Rachel Carson, marine biologist and environmentalist. The second week of this session we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Charles Drew (June 3) and discuss his contributions in the field of blood preservation and storage. We will end this session by hosting the American Red Cross for a community blood drive and a Trike-a-thon to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital on Friday, June 10 beginning at 9:00 am.

Session 2: June 13-June 24, 2016
Technology: Telegraphs, Typewriters, Tape Players, Oh my!
This session we consider the revolution of the Age of Technology, and explore how technology has changed, and progressed through the years. From the printing press and switchboards to computers and fiber optics—students will learn about the ways humans have communicated through the years. We explore the contributions to technology of Ada Lovelace and Alexander Graham Bell. Students will also create a technology timeline.

Session 3: June 27-July 8, 2016
Engineering: Gizmos and Gadgets
Designing, thinking, rethinking, redesigning—-such is the life of an engineer! In this session students will learn the Engineering Design Process, and explore the reasons behind each aspect of the process. Students will explore gravity, magnetism, build several items related to gears, pulleys, and propellers. Additionally, students will collaborate in “engineering teams” to create a design that floats, sinks, or flies. Students will also explore the lives and inventions of Rube Goldberg, Henry Ford, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Wright brothers.

Session 4: July 11-July 22, 2016
Mathematics: Marvelous Mathematics by Maria Montessori
We are delighted to celebrate this session with our very own amazing Montessori Mathematics materials. The Montessori Math materials cover wide ranges of mathematical concepts. From the development of understanding a sequence with Imbucare Boxes in the Nido Community, to the Upper Elementary exploration with the Pythagorean Theorem—daily children in a Montessori environment explore the intricacies and nuances of the world of Mathematics in phenomenal, concrete and exciting ways. We also learn about M.C. Escher and Albert Einstein

Elementary Camp Extensions:
In addition to the above outline, students in the Elementary Camp will create a solar system, constellations, make a sundial, explore food science and conduct experiments with temperature. Students will research and make presentations on notable scientists. They will also do weekly Science Laboratory Experiments for the Primary children. A more detailed list of activities for Elementary Camp will be provided at the beginning of each Elementary Camp session.

STEM Montessori Style 2016 Registration

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Discovery Montessori Academy Open House: Saturday, January 30 and Thursday, February 4

At Discovery Montessori Academy our focus is to prepare the “Whole Child” to be an independent, self-sufficient member of society. This is established through a caring, nurturing environment where the whole child, intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual, can be addressed.

Join us on Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm or Thursday, February 4, 2016 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm to learn more about the Montessori curriculum and the Discovery Montessori Academy Community.  Come with your child to visit the classrooms, meet the teachers, learn about the communities and enjoy a snack.

 Saturday, January 30: Open House Online Invitation

Thursday, February 4: Open House Online Invitation

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Discovery Montessori Academy 2015-2016 Calendar

You can download the Discovery Montessori Academy calendar for 2015-2016 by clicking here.  Families also have the option to subscribe and sync to your personal calendar from the Calendar page.

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Our Environments

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